Q. Can I feed my dog prior to swimming?


A. Please do not feed your dog for at least 2 hours before a swim & for at least an hour after.


Q.Why does my dog require a veterinary referral?


A. This is a quality standard set by The Canine Hydrotherapy Association. For more detail please visit the CHA website


Q. My dog is a good swimmer so will they swim for the whole session?


A. No. It is much harder for a dog to swim in a hydrotherapy pool, they use a lot more energy & the warm water makes it more tiring


Q. Does swimming my dog in the sea have the same effect?


A. No. The water never gets warm enough to have the same benefits as hydrotherapy. There can also be dangers with strong currents & steep shingle on some beaches making it hard for a dog with an injury or arthritis to get in & out of the water safely.


Q. My dog / cat hates water!


A. More reason to persevere with swimming & give them the confidence not to panic around water. Most will grow to enjoy it in time.



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